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E-Genie's Maths Lab.Software

E- Genie’s Maths Lab is a software solution for CAX (Computer Aided Experiment). It consists of more than 125 educational modules for Maths for class 1st to 10th. Developed as per CBSE/ NCERT curriculum E- Genie’s Maths Lab. boost Maths activities in classrooms. Student can perform Maths experiments with ease, using user- friendly tools. Virtual manipulative tools allow students to perform experiments quickly and efficiently. In this highly interactive software Student can change values and experience the changes occur in the activity. Analysis become easy as students can now visualize math in the form of physical models and graphs, which helps students to grasp concepts properly. Different colors, symbols & measures are used in a multimedia environment to aid the students for better understanding of concepts.

Need for Maths Lab:
  • Maths is taught in the classroom, while there are Labs. for science subjects.
  • Classroom teaching does not focus on individual student.
  • Abstract concepts are taught using eqns. and Math symbols, leaving the students to imagine the working.
  • Practicing Maths involves drills and solving exercises without deep understanding of the concept and fundamentals involved.
Iteration of different values & its effect on the result is not easy to demonstrate in the classroom.
Maths Lab. to supplement Maths Teaching in classes:
  • Maths Lab. will supplement classroom teaching.
  • Maths activities can be done by using simple materials such as paper, cardboard, glue, sticks etc.
  • Maths activities can also be performed very well by using special CAX (Computer Aided Experimentation) software like E-Genie’s Maths Lab.
  • At the end of a Maths Lab. session students will be able to understand concepts, verify proofs, study equations graphically and at the same time calculate and answer questions.
Advantages of ICT Maths Lab:
    Maths Lab  
ICT Maths Lab
Learning Process   Effective but may be difficult to manage    Stimulating, enjoyable & Easy to manage
Instructions on activities   Given & monitored by teachers   Self-Instructional,
Needs very little Monitoring
Materials   Needs to be given & replenished from time to time   Unlimited material, safe, durable & quicker to use
Evaluation   Not easy to assess   Evaluation is built-in, continuous, moves on only if concept is clear
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