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MCS follows certified and accredited standards conforming to ISO 9001: 2000. All the standards are defined and verified for effectiveness of their objectives.
These standards in brief are:
Quality System Structure
The organization has established and is maintaining standards for maintaining the formal structure of the standards being followed at MCS. This standard introduces and defines the structure of quality manual.
Control of standards and Information
The organization controls standards, review, approve and issue latest valid standards related to QMS.

This standard is applicable to Quality Policy, QAM, all support standards like SOPs, Formats, External standards and Records
Management Process
The organization has established standard for Management Commitment, Customer Focus, Quality Focus, Quality Planning, Responsibilities and authorities, Management Representative and Reviews.

This defines the management plan to define and implement Quality Standards. This also provides framework to continually improve effectiveness of standards.
Human resource Management
The organization has established and maintaining standard quality management system for provision of competent personnel for making standards effective and enhance customer satisfaction.

This defines the provision of competent personnel delivering service at centers and for other processes of MCS’s business.
Marketing & Research
The organization has established and maintaining standard for promoting MCS services and measuring customer perception and entering into agreement with customer.

This defines the process of agreement formation and control of information in media about MCS services.
Project Coordination
This standard has provision of Infrastructure, work environment and progress monitoring, for making service effective and enhance customer satisfaction..
Customer care & Logistics
The organization has the processes required for service delivery, which is consistent with other standards.

This defines the control process and method for maintaining services of MCS which includes centers, purchase and storage requirements.
Design and Development
The organization plans and controls the design, development and improvement of services in line with vision of MCS.

It defines the input, output, review, verification, validations and responsibilities during development and improvement.
Monitoring and measurement of Process
The organization has established and maintaining standard to ensure standards of MCS are effective and meet their objectives.

This ensures improvement in level of customer satisfaction and suitable closure of customer complaints.
Service Monitoring and Quality Control and Customer Complaint
&Standard exist for planning and implementing quality verification activities, internal quality audits to monitor whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and to determine the extent of effectiveness of the standards.

It is to improve effectiveness of the standards and customer satisfaction.
Managing Non Conforming Services
Standard system exists to ensure that nonconforming service is controlled and cause is prevented. It ensures only intended service is delivered and end results ensure objectivity of service.
Analysis of Data and Continual Improvement
MCS has standard to ensure that data is analysed to demonstrate suitability, effectiveness and continual improvement of customer satisfaction, service conformity, preventive actions and data related to supplier’s performance.

It also provides bench marking for improves continuously
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