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Braingym- Brain Building Educational Kits
What is Brain Gym:
  • Brain Gym is a hand-held learning device
  •  It uses Brain based learning techniques
  • It is easy to use and can even be operated by a a child of Class.
  • Activity sheets covering curriculum of primary classes have been developed in Hindi and English.
  • Subjects covered are English, EVS, and Maths
Brain Gym Activities use both sides :
‘LEFT Brain’ ‘RIGHT Brain’
Use Words & Phrases Use Pictures & Colors
Require analytical & logical thinking Require insight & recognising pattern & form
Involve noticing differences Involve noting similarities
Define world around us, verbally Are based on real life & boost imagination
Helps develop structured learning Increases spatial awareness
Require associating & categorising Require movement & synthesizing
Solutions are achieved by symbolising ideas & thoughts Solutions are derived by extracting themes from an apparent chaos
Brain Gym is a complete learning tool:
  • Activities have relevance to child’s understanding & environment.
  • Multi-dimensional approach to learning.
  • Child centered curriculum.
  • Active involvement of child in learning.
  • Fosters creativity
  • Allow them all to realize their potential.
  • Encourage them and to strengthen their urge to learn be active
  • Emphasis that IT is used by people according to their individual interests
  • Create learning situations specifically to help students develop confidence and interest in Maths, EVS & English
  • Exhibit analytical skills and confidence in learning situations.
  • Curricular transactions seek hands-on experiences & project-based approaches.
  • Shift from content based learning to problem solving & competency based learning environment.
  • Will mark a new beginning in the teaching & learning style
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